As of late I had the pleasure of collaborating with the lovely Refinery29 x Nixon. I was sent a couple watches to show with my style and I couldn't be more in love with the ones they sent. I love the black and white The Small Time Teller P watches. Also the Small Time Teller in silver/neon pink.  

The best things about these watches is that they really go with anything. I really enjoyed this collaboration, and I will be putting links below so you can check out their other many styles!




Lookbook Shoot

About a month ago I was asked to shoot a lookbook shoot for Deux Lux Handbags. The local Brooklyn stylist Erica Lavelanet asked me to be apart of this collaboration. I have shot Erica before, and let's just say she always puts a smile on my face. I have never met someone so happy and hilarious. 

As if her personality isn't enough, her style is perfection. She was the model for the first half, then styled the in house model for the second half. I wanted to share a couple shots from that day. 

Also I have to say thank you to one of my best friends Skyler Brown. She came all the way from NC to help assist me that day. As I said before on my blog, I like to keep things real...

That being said, I knew I could bang out this shoot with the first half being outside and using my lovely natural light friend. That is what I am comfortable with. I was a bit nervous about the second half being in studio. Don't get me wrong I have worked in a studio in school and internship, but this was different. This was bigger and more intimidating. I knew I needed help to deliver the best of the best to this company. I didn't want to go in rusty ....(because it had been awhile..) I first admitted to myself I needed help and called Skyler immediately. Having her there was a lifesaver, but she also made me refresh my memory and do things myself.

I have learned that admitting you need help sometimes is ok. Why you ask? Well it's because if I would have went into that alone :

1. It would have taken me 10x longer getting things together ..meaning lights, stands, umbrellas..
(this would include cleaning up afterward as well....which is a lot if you have ever been in a studio..)

2. I wasn't 100% on my game in that section of lighting. I needed a refresh. I needed someone who knew their shit 100%. In my case Skyler was the one.
Example will be below to show you that I believe we as a team delivered 120%. Both outside and inside on this shoot. Only showing a couple, because the rest will be in the lookbook.

Anyways, I hope you kind of take something away from this. I am still learning myself. If I wasn't still learning more and more I would be worried for myself. All I know is I want to get better. I want to be companies first choice in their photographer line up. I want to be able to do studio and natural light. As you can see I want a lot of things, but I am not afraid to do the dirty work to get there. If that means admitting I need help or advice sometimes, then so be it. It is making me a better person/photographer.



Hey Chelsea

A couple weeks back the lovely Chelsea Lane. She is a blogger from Minneapolis. We have been friends on Instagram for quite some time now. I told her if she visited NYC I would love to photograph her. 

Luckily her visit happened sooner rather then later. We decided to walk around Soho and shoot.  Chelsea is one beautiful lady. Her hair is magical and the wind just did its job. I basically had her in a bush by the end of the shoot, which you will see at the end. Something about it just hit me. I said "Just stay there...this is awesome." 

Anyways...explanation for my absence. I want you all to know, because I am a really real person. I have just been really bad about my posts because I have just been so uninspired. I haven't been shooting for fun like I used too. A lot of that has to do with the fact NYC was in one weather mode for a VERY long time. The cold air would just suck the life right out of you. Never really wanting to get out of bed and enjoy the day. Finally the weather is beautiful and my spirit is  coming back happier then ever. Honestly I think I just needed a little sun to hit my face for more then one day out of a month. I feel myself wanting to see/shoot everything. 

From now on I have no excuse, I must shoot more for my blog and not just show you on Instagram. I want to have many outlooks for all that are following along my journey. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy these photos! Thank you for sticking around.